County Commissioners

Our Mission

"The Mission of Routt County is to Efficiently Deliver a Balance of Public Services and Infrastructure to Provide a Safe and Healthy Place to Live for Present and Future Generations."


The Routt County Board of County Commissioners meet every Monday and Tuesday, except holidays. Due to urgent COVID-19 needs, the Commissioners' meeting dates and time are subject to change. Please check the agenda center to confirm meeting information. 
All Commissioner meetings are open to the public.
If you have an item on the Commissioners' agenda, please download the agenda form and send it to our office along with your back up information.


Public comment is available to any citizen on Tuesdays at 11:30 am (subject to change based on the agenda). To make a public comment raise your hand on the zoom platform if online; if calling in press *9. Another option is to download the Zoom app that allows you to raise your hand as well. The moderator will then select you when it is your turn. Written public comment can also be submitted to Please make sure to indicate in the subject line of your email that it is public comment and reference the agenda item to which it relates. Public comments will be entered into the record.

Written feedback can be submitted to the Board at anytime; click here to submit comments.

​Statement of Policy Concerning Governance