​Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Although public access to county buildings is prohibited at this time, the Planning Department is still available to answer your questions.  The best way to get in touch is through e-mail.  You may also call the office and leave a message.  Please e-mail any questions to Kristy Winser or Alan Goldich and someone will respond when available.  If you have been working with a specific planner, please continue to correspond with that Planner, preferably through e-mail.  

Planning hearings have resumed.  They are being held remotely through the Zoom application.  The Planning Department has created a policy for the utilization of remote hearings, as well as an agreement that must be signed by all applicants before proceeding.  Anybody can participate in future meetings utilizing the following information:

​​ Planning Commission hearings can be accessed by clicking here.

Meeting ID:  828 3534 3424

Password:  310181

Board of Adjustment hearings can be accessed by clicking here.
Meeting ID:  858 7213 6030
Password:  599173

For those wishing to participate by phone, please call (669) 900-6833 and enter the meeting information listed above.

Planning staff has put together a tutorial on how to access and use the Zoom meeting application.  It can be viewed by clicking here.

**Updates to Public Comment**

Public comment is welcome on all pending applications.  Any written comments should be submitted to the staff planner at least one week prior to the hearing to be included in the staff packet. Due to new changes in the public hearing process, all comments must be received no later than 72 hours prior to the hearing.  Consideration of information or comments submitted after this deadline will be at the discretion of the decision makers. Comment is also taken at all Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment meetings. View upcoming agendas for specific meeting dates and times.


With our specialized education, skills and experience, our office is uniquely qualified in fostering a community of lasting value while preserving the western rural character of the County.

Get Involved and Navigate your Routt!  **Postponed until 2021**

The County is embarking on a Master Plan process that will help guide the strategic direction of unincorporated Routt County for years to come. 
Resident input is vitally important to ensure the County’s new Master Plan incorporates the community’s vision. Residents, property owners and businesses will have many opportunities to get involved and provide feedback.

Visit the Master Plan website and see the Master Plan Revision Process Plan.   
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Land Use Companion and Administrative Review Team (ART)

Have an idea for the development of your property?  What about a business idea?  The Land Use Companion was created by staff as a tool to identify the important factors impacting your project. An ART Review allows an applicant to sit down with most, if not all, agencies that may have a comment on an application at the same time. The Land Use Companion can be accessed by clicking here.  Get in touch with the Planner of the Day by calling (970) 879-2704 or by email with questions or to schedule a review. 

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The Planning Department is responsible for:

Public Call-In Line

A public call-in line has been established. This allows you to listen in on hearings as they happen. This option is available for all Board of County Commissioner, Planning Commission, and Board of Adjustment hearings. The phone number to call is (970) 870-5499.