We do not process driver's licenses.
Please contact 970-879-0715 for the Driver's License Office. 

Public Notice:

We've been hearing from you that quick searches online have turned up some incorrect and unofficial websites posing as the Colorado DMV. Please be advised that all official websites will have in the URL, and if you have any doubts you should continue your search for the correct website.
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The Routt County Motor Vehicle department is responsible for vehicle titling, registration, lien recordings, collection of revenues, and issuing plates. 

When issuing new titles, temporary registration, duplicate titles, persons with disabilities placard to someone other than the named owner:
Named owner will provide a DR 2175 Power of Attorney for Motor Vehicle Only that will include grantor's (named owner) SVID information.
*The agent must provide secure and verifiable I.D.

Weight Slips for New Purchases

For trucks weighing 4,501 - 10,000 lbs, a weight slip is required when information is not present on title or Certificate of Origin pursuant to 42-3-304(17)(a). The empty weight can also be obtained from a copy of the original Certificate of Origin.

Below is contact information for the known businesses in Routt County that provide weight slips. You must call in advance to schedule a time for the vehicle to be weighed. If you are aware of other options, please alert our office to include those as well.

Duckels Construction: 970-879-6072
Alpine Aggregates: 970-846-4701
Precision Gravel: 970-276-3359

Establishing Colorado Residency

All motor vehicles and trailers owned or operated by Colorado residents must be titled and registered within 60 days of purchase or 90 days after becoming a resident of Routt County. Colorado residency is established if you own or operate a business in Colorado, reside in Colorado continuously for 90 days, or you obtain employment in Colorado. Late charges are applicable for failure to register vehicles.

Renew online with the State of Colorado

Online services include:

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  • Plates & Tabs
  • Disability Placards
  • Emissions
  • International Registration Plan (IRP)
  • Records

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