Titling a Vehicle

Titling a Vehicles and Trailers

Colorado is a title issuing state. A title is required to transfer ownership. The following is required:
  • Title properly signed by all involved parties, notarized if required. Some states do not title certain vehicles, most issue titles, contact our office for instructions.
  • A Bill of Sale signed by one seller to verify the purchase price, not mandatory.
  • Proof of insurance if registering a vehicle
  • Odometer disclosure is required for vehicles manufactured in 2011 or newer.
Secure and Verifiable Identification, SVID, of the named owner. A named owner must be present with their ID in order to title, register and obtain a temporary permit. If you cannot be present, you must provide a Colorado notarized power of attorney form appointing an agent to do your transaction on your behalf using form DR2175. Business owners must provide a Letter of Authorization stating agents authorized to do transactions on behalf of the business.
  • Loan documents if there is financing involved, must be originals or certified copies.
  • A Routt County physical address is required as a legal address. 

For trucks weighing 4,501 to 10,000 lbs a weight slip is required when information is not present on title or Certificate of Origin.

Out of State requirements

In addition to those listed above:
  • All vehicles titled in another state require a verification of the vehicle I.D. number, VIN verification contact law enforcement or bring vehicle to courthouse.
  • Invoice if purchased from an out of state dealer and proof of purchase price and any sales tax collected.
  • Leased vehicles need to contact Motor Vehicle office.

Late charges apply if vehicle is registered more than 60 days from purchase date or if more than 90 days from residency date.

Sales / Use Tax

Sales tax is due at the time of titling. The tax is based upon your purchase price and your legal address at the time of purchase.
Legal Address Tax Percentage
Live in Colorado 2.9 %
Live in Routt County 1%
Live in Steamboat Springs 4.5%
Live in Yampa 2%
Buyer and seller both in Oak Creek 3%
Buyer and seller both in Hayden 5%

Temporary Permit

A permit may be issued to a new owner for a period of 60 days from date of purchase. This allows the vehicle to be driven while waiting for the title and registration process to be completed. You must present the following: title, properly endorsed or copy of a title with a bill of sale or a bill of sale with a copy of the seller’s registration. Proof of insurance and Secure and Verifiable ID (SVID) required. VIN Inspection required if titled in another state.

A late charge may be assessed for an expired temporary permit.