"Criminal Justice Record "are the primary source of work product we handle at the
Routt County Sheriff's Office. We release these records in accordance with C.R.S. 24-72-304. Some "Public Records" are not the work product of our agency. We will notify you if you need to contact another department.

For any other report please click on the link below.
You may print the form and return it to our office is a few different ways.
By fax 970-870-5525, by mail or email :
mailing address is: 2027 Shield Dr., Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

For a fee schedule to estimate any costs you might incur, please click here.

Finally, not all records are kept indefinitely. Some may have been destroyed due to our retention schedule. In accordance with state statute inspection of our records will be available within three business days of your request. Extenuating circumstances might result in a 7 business day extension to the 3 day rule. Such circumstances may be the volume of the request or off-site storage of older files. 
To request a report electronically, email and attach the appropriate form.  We will email, mail or send a link through with the information requested.
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