2015 Code Adoption

A primary responsibility of the Routt County Building Department is to ensure that structures built throughout the County are built safely. This is done through inspection and code enforcement activity using Internationally-adopted standards. These include the International Building Code, International Residential Code, International Plumbing Code, International Mechanical Code, International Fuel Gas Code, International Existing Building Code and International Energy Conservation Code and the state-adopted 2017 National Electrical Code. 

2015 Building Code Training Presentations on Significant Changes from 2009-2015


Routt County Unincorporated Areas 2015 Building & Energy Code Adoption

City of Steamboat Springs 2015 Building & Energy Code Adoption

Town of Oak Creek 2015 Building & Energy Code Adoption

Town of Yampa 2015 Building & Energy Code Adoption

Town of Hayden 2015 Building Code & 2009 Energy Code Adoption



Local Code Amendments Differences

The goal of the Routt County Regional Building Department is to provide consistent services County wide, we have very little differences in Code Amendments per Jurisdiction we serve, to help provide the key differences we have listed a short list below that describes these differences with the ICC adopted Codes. 

    City of Steamboat Springs: The City of Steamboat Springs has amended Appendix J Grading of the 2015 IBC to meet local jurisdiction requirements, please take time to read this within the Code Adoption. The City of Steamboat Springs is also the only jurisdiction that has made Blower Door Testing a Requirement within the 2015 Residential Energy Conservation Code. All other County Jurisdictions have deleted this requirement.

    Town of Oak Creek and Town of Yampa: These two jurisdictions have only one different local amendment, that is they allow a Tiny House to be a maximum of 500 square feet, versus the rest of the County Jurisdictions have adopted 400 square feet as the maximum and as written in Appendix Q.

    Town of Hayden: The Town of Hayden has only different local amendment, they have Adopted the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code with no local amendments to this Code, while the rest of the County Jurisdictions have adopted the 2015 IECC.





      Please feel free to contact the Routt County Building Department with any questions or concerns about the Code Adoption process.