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On the first Monday of every month, an opposite the editorial (op-ed) is submitted to the Steamboat Today. You can read the op-ed here.

BethMelton Commissioner Beth Melton - November 4, 2019 Op-Ed: Routt County Master Plan

One of the core roles of the Routt County government is managing land use in the unincorporated areas of the county — not in the cities or towns. Land use might not put you on the edge of your seat with excitement, but one of the things I’ve learned on the Routt County Board of Commissioners is that you probably care about it a lot more than you realize.  


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Commissioner MongerCommissioner Doug Monger - October 6, 2019 Op-Ed: Planning for the Future 

 Fall in the beautiful Yampa Valley. It’s a great time to talk about efforts to protect and enhance our valley as responsible residents. It’s perfect, as our valley falls into colors and nears winter season, to reflect efforts that benefit the future.   Read More...

Commissioner MongerCommissioner Doug Monger - August 4, 2019 Op-Ed: Economic Health

When one thinks about economic health, resilience and development, it’s possible to think county government doesn’t have a lot to do with how the economy functions and operates. That thought is far from correct. County government is quite active in creating economic vitality and supporting the backbone of a healthy community.   Read more...

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