Mission, Vision, Goals

Mission statement

To provide 911 services and public safety radio communications with a professional, courteous and well trained staff that consistently does the right thing at the right time for the right reason.

In furtherance of our mission, we are committed to:   

  • Continuous improvement through professional development.
  • The highest standards of integrity and customer service.
  • Accountability for performance and conduct.


To serve and support the public safety communications needs of our stakeholders in the most efficient and responsive manner possible.

General Goals and Objectives


  • Manage the fiscal, capital, information and personnel resources with efficiency.
  • Retain appropriate staff for department operations.
  • Educate stakeholders by enhancing Public Education and involvement in the community.
  • Continue assessment of data evaluation program and provide monthly dashboard reports to stakeholders.
  • Continue review of the Communications Center's Standard Operating Procedure/ Standard Operating Guidelines (Operations Manual), update as necessary.


  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with the stakeholders that we serve.
  • Provide a pleasant and efficient work environment.
  • Promptly respond to calls for service and other stakeholder needs.
  • Promote consistency in all processes.
  • Ensure compliance with National/Industry Standards: NFPA 1221 and NENA Call Answering Standard/Model Recommendation.
  • Continue to provide both hands on and classroom environment training to ensure proficiency of all communications personnel.


  • Constantly explore technological advances.
  • Upgrade systems and equipment necessary to enhance the services that we provide.
  • Explore partnerships related to technology and other organizational needs.
  • Continue communications site operations and maintenance program.