Our Technology and Equipment

Routt County Emergency Communications Center

Interior view of Routt County Emergency Communications Center.

Systems / Technology

NG911 Telephone SystemMotorola Solutions - CallWorks
Radio ConsoleMotorola Solutions - MCC7500
Computer Aided DispatchMotorola Solutions - Spillman FLEX
Logging RecorderDSS / Equature
Public Alert and WarningEverbridge
County-Owned Microwave RadioCielo Networks, Inc.

Radio System

Routt County's primary Public Safety Communications Platform is the State of Colorado 7/800 Mhz. Digital Trunked Radio System. Learn more at CCNC, Inc. This system provides a number of regional and local talkgroups and a plan that allows interoperability, resource and incident coordination between organizations.

Routt County also maintains a robust VHF system with both Fire and Law Enforcement repeaters at each communications site. The VHF system is our primary method for paging and alerting for Fire / EMS incident response.

Supplemental Notification System

Routt County utilizes the I am Responding emergency notification and response system to provide supplemental notifications to responders. The I am Responding system is locally connected to our CAD system. Notifications are based on CAD entry call type, response zone, etc. 

Routt County Public Safety Communications Sites

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Emerald Mountain SiteOak Creek SiteKing Mountain Site
Hayden SiteFarwell Mountain SiteFarwell Mountain Site