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When is a Road & Bridge Permit Required?

A Road & Bridge(R&B) plowing permit is required for: 

  • Private plowing on roads with public Right of Way (ROW) and that are County Maintained, even if that section is not plowed during the winter
  • A R&B plowing permit is not required for roads that have a dedicated public ROW but are not accepted for maintenance by the county (privately maintained roads).


A Road & Bridge Driveway/access permit is required for:

  • Installation of a driveway that accesses a County Road or privately maintained roads in public ROW. If a driveway exceeds more than 300 cubic yards of disturbance or is within the water body setback, a Grading and Excavating permit will also be required with the driveway permit. Driveways longer than 100 feet require fire department approval.
  • A R&B driveway permit is not required for driveways accessing the State Highway; instead such driveways require a CDOT access permit – contact CDOT directly for permitting requirements at ( insert phone number and website link).
  • A R& B driveway permit is not required for driveways on private roads with no public ROW; instead applicant is responsible for identifying and contacting the governing entity.

A Road & Bridge cattle guard installation permit is required for:
  • Installation of a cattle guard on a County Road or privately maintained road in public ROW. Property owner is responsible for cost, significant repairs, and replacement. County will maintain through it is designed life (~10-15 years). Property Owner is responsible for cattle guard removal costs.

A Road & Bridge Right-of-Way permit is required for:
  • Any work done within the County’s ROW that does not meet the criteria for a driveway or grading and excavating permit. The permit is needed for work on County roads and privately maintained roads in public ROW.
  • Exception: Maintenance work on privately maintained roads in County ROW does not need a permit if maintenance includes surface improvements that do not interfere with access or change the grade or drainage etc. (ex. Plowing, ditch cleaning, grading, graveling).

A Utility Installation permit is required for:
  • Installation of any public utilities in and adjacent any County roads or public Right of way. All utilities are typically required to be bored not open cut. Private utility installation is generally not permitted within the right-of way contact department for case specific information.