Contractor Registration and Certification Information

Contractor Registration Information and Fillable Form

All Contractors who are applying for Permits to be a Legal Applicant on a Permit Application are required to hold an ICC Contractor Certification or a Best Test Contractor Certification Card for the applicable trade in which they are performing work under. See above attachment for specifics on Contractor Registration Form.

  • State Licensed Electricians are Exempt from all Routt County Certification requirements and may be a Permit Applicant on Electrical and Solar Permits.
  • State Licensed Plumbers are exempt from all Routt County Contractor Certification requirements and may be a Permit Applicant on all Plumbing, Mechanical, and Gas Permits. 
  • Manufactured Home Installers: Installers of manufactured homes will need to provide a copy of their installer’s registration from the Colorado Division of Housing. They are only Exempt form Routt County Certifications Requirements when they are working as a Sub-Contractor under a General Contractor acting as the Permit Applicant. 
  • Colorado State Licensed Architects/Engineers: Professionals may be a Permit Applicant and take full responsibility for project management of any Residential or Commercial Building Project and are Exempt from taking any exams and obtaining contractor certifications above.  All Engineers or Architects must then carry the Required General Liability Insurance Coverage, or list a Contractor of Record on the Permit Application who then must provide a copy of the General Liability Insurance Coverage and proof of Contractor Certification requirements as well. 

NOTE: Commercial Projects for TYPE I and II Construction under the Unlimited Commercial Contractor Certification, would require the Engineer/Architect to be on-site daily acting as the project superintendent to be the Permit Applicant.

Contractors Insurance Requirements: 

  • Contractors Insurance Certificate Required: Please submit a copy of your Commercial General Liability Insurance Certificate with a $1,000,000 minimum coverage with this application. Insurance Certificates shall list Additional Insured as: Routt County Board of County Commissioners, 522 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs Colorado 80477.

NOTE: Contractors are responsible to email us an updated insurance policy annually or prior to the expiration date on your certificate in order to remain an active contractor. You may have your Insurance Company directly send the information to Email Staff 

  • Workers Compensation Insurance: Please provide proof of State Required Workers Compensation insurance applicable for all employees listed under a company.
International Code Council ICC Exam Information Below
Contractors must review and follow the instructions in the ICC Exam Catalog above to find the appropriate exam that meets the Certification type your interested in obtaining. The Catalog will provide you a web link to PearsonVue on the top of page 3, which is who you need to create an account with to take an exam. Please also review our Contractor Registration Information and Fillable Form at the top of this web page for more information. We have listed the Contractor Certifications below with a description of the work that can be performed under each Certification type. General Contractors have 3 options to choose from depending on the type of work you perform on both residential and commercial buildings. Please note we have underlined the name of the Exams below, use this to reference the Exam in the ICC Exam Catalog above and when registering to take the exam on PearsonVue. 
  • General Contractor: ICC Contractor Certificate for Exam F13 National Standard Residential Building Contractor (C). This will allow you to perform work on all Residential Buildings under the International Residential Code which is for One and Two Family Dwellings or Townhomes less than 3-stories in height.
  • General Contractor: ICC Contractors Certificate for Exam F12 National Standard Building Contractor (B). Light Commercial Contractor Certification will allow you to perform work on all commercial buildings, which are Construction Type III, IV, and V buildings. Light Commercial Contractors are allowed to perform alteration/repair work only on Construction Type I and II buildings. Light Commercial Contractor Certification also allows you to perform all work under the International Residential Building Code.
  • General Contractor: ICC Contractor Certificate for Exam F11 National Standard General Building contractor (A). This Certification allows you to perform work as a Permit Applicant on any Building or Structure in the International Building Code and International Residential Building Code.
  • Roofing Contractor: ICC Contractors Certificate for Exam F14 National Standard Roofing Contractor. This certification allows you to perform roofing work on all buildings and structures with no limitations.