Agricultural Building Permit Exemption

Agricultural Building Requirements and Permits:  Important Information

FOUNDATION-ONLY PERMITS: The Building Department offers those interested in obtaining a foundation-only permit the opportunity to apply for this type of permit in lieu of getting a full building permit. There is a huge advantage of allowing the Building Department to perform an inspection and verify the depth, size, and design of your footings, foundation, or piers that support your structure. Any future conversions you may wish to make from an unpermitted structure, to a permitted accessory structure or dwelling unit would benefit greatly and make the permitting process much smoother having a known record on file of the type of foundation that supports this structure. This would save you time and money in the future, and avoid digging up the foundational support to field verify the how it was constructed. This is a very low cost permit with benefits for you as an owner and a selling point for any potential buyers. 

PLACEMENT OF THE STRUCTURE: The Routt County Planning and Zoning Department must be contacted prior to construction beginning to provide important information on any zoning or setback requirements based on your property location. Restrictions may include but are not limited to; property line setbacks, waterbody setbacks, skyline development, floodplain, and height. Contact the Planning Department at 970-870-5599 for specific information.

ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING/MECHANICAL PERMITS: Agricultural buildings are not exempt from Electrical, Plumbing, or Mechanical Permits, and these permits must be applied for and obtained prior to performing any work. Permits can be applied for on-line or in person at our office.

PLANNING PLUMBING AGREEMENT FORM: Prior to obtaining any plumbing permits to add fixtures to an Agricultural Building all applicants must fill out  the Planning Plumbing Agreement Form within the Planning Department. Contact the Planning Department at 970-870-5599

Buildings Not Included in Agricultural Exemptions

would not include non-agricultural tool sheds, agricultural product processing facilities, mechanical shops, bunk houses, or storage buildings for automobiles, construction equipment, household goods, motorized recreational equipment, riding arenas etc. Please review the below informational handouts and our Adopted Resolution for specific detailed information.