Building Permit Requirements For Agriculture 

Click below for Information on Agricultural Buildings and Permitting Requirements.


 The Building Department offers those interested in obtaining a foundation-only permit the ability to apply for this Permit Voluntarily even on Agricultural Barns that meet our above Permit Exemptions. A key advantage in getting a Foundation Only Permit it allows us to review and document your building meets local codes, and create a permanent record of your building including all drawings and inspection records in our Online Permitting Software. These records will be available forever, allowing future prospective buyers or property owners access to these details, and makes a smooth permit transition in the future if the Use of the Building changes from Agricultural to another use requiring it to be fully permitted. 

Ground Snow Load:

Please remember all of Routt County is a Case Study zone for Ground Snow Load requirements. Click on our Ground Snow Load Map below to and enter your property PIN or address to obtain your snow load value. 

Important Factors to Review: 

  • ​Soils Report and Conditions: Soils Reports are required for all permitting buildings and are equally important for Agricultural Buildings to ensure your building loads are being transferred and distributed accordingly to the soil conditions that exist on your property.
  • Wind Loads: Building should be designed to with stain an ultimate 3-second gust of 115MPH in Routt County. Protect your investment and avoid a catastrophic wind collapse like others in the past who choose not to design in accordance with local wind loads.
  • Frost Depth: 48" is frost depth throughout all off Routt County, avoid settling or heaving o of your building by building in accordance with frost depth requirements.