courthouse.1881.jpgThere are five museum entities in Routt County dedicated to preserving the County's heritage. Go back in history by visiting our local museums.

Historic Routt County

Emily Katzman, Director
(970) 875-1305
HRC Web Site

Hahn's Peak Museum

(Hahn's Peak Village)

RCR129 & Main St
(970) 879-7291
Visit Hahns Peak Historical Area website for more information

Hayden Heritage Center

300 W Pearl St.
(970) 276-4380
Visit Hayden Heritage Center website for more information

Tracks and Trails Museum

(Oak Creek)
129 E Main St.
(970) 736-8245
Visit Tracks and Trails Museum website for more information

Tread of Pioneers Museum

(Steamboat Springs)
Corner or 8th St & Oak St in downtown Steamboat Springs
Visit Tread of Pioneers Museum website for more information

Yampa-Egeria Museum

100 Main St.
(970) 638-4480
Visit Yampa-Egeria Museum website for more information