Commissioners' Strategic Plan

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Mission: The Mission of Routt County is to efficiently deliver a balance of public service and infrastructure in order to provide a safe and healthy place to live for present and future generations.

Vision: Routt County seeks to be an innovative, regional leader delivering exceptional services, enhancing quality of life and fostering an atmosphere where citizens and businesses can thrive.

Trust: We believe in promoting a mutual understanding of
 expectations based on consistent leadership, professionalism,
 integrity, respect and appropriate confidentiality.
Integrity: We believe in acting with sound moral principles by being
 consistently honest, responsible, accountable, and respectful.
Effectiveness: We believe in performing in a productive and
 proficient manner that results in consistently achieving expected
 and measurable outcomes.
Efficiency: We believe in obtaining the best possible outcome in the
 least wasteful manner by maintaining dynamic, relevant policies and
 procedures while consistently supporting a quality workforce.
Fiscal Responsibility: We believe we are obligated to be
 accountable to the fiscal policies of Routt County by balancing
 efficiency and flexibility with budgetary discipline, while seeking
 sustainable resources, practicing long-term planning and prudent
 use of debt.
Strategic Outcomes

  • Support a Safe, Healthy Community
  • Maintain a Financially Stable County Government
  • Provide High-Quality Services to our Community
  • Protect and Preserve our Natural Resources, Open Spaces, and Environment
  • Support our Workforce
  • Ensure Sound Infrastructure

Current Strategic Plan

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