Release Deed of Trust

Release Deed of Trust

A Deed of Trust is an agreement between three parties: the Grantor (owner/borrower), the Beneficiary (lender) and the Public Trustee.

Importance of a Release of Deed of Trust

When recorded, a Deed of Trust creates a lien against the grantor's property. When the terms of the Deed of Trust are satisfied, a Request for a Release of Deed of Trust must be recorded to remove the lien from the property. A Release of Deed of Trust is a written request from the mortgage company, lender, their agent, attorney or an insurance company to the Public Trustee and must be submitted within 90 days after the satisfaction of the indebtedness.

The purpose of the release is to remove all or a portion of the property from the lien created by a Deed of Trust.

Requirements for a request for Release of Deed of Trust are described in C.R.S 38-39-102. The Public Trustee in the county in which the property is located must follow these requirements precisely.

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