Redemption Of Tax Liens

Redemption of Tax Liens

Redemption payment is made to the Treasurer for the amount of delinquent taxes, delinquent interest, advertising fees, late fees, and any other additional costs incurred during the tax lien process. Payments will only be accepted from the owner, their agent, or any other person having a legal or equitable claim against the property at any time before the execution of a Treasurer's Deed. If an application for a Treasurer's Deed has been accepted, additional fees may be due upon redemption.

All Redemption Payments Must Be Made by Cash or Certified Funds only. 


Interest is calculated on a monthly basis, therefore the amount due changes monthly. Postmarks are NOT accepted on a redemption of a tax lien. The amount due must be in our office and processed by the specified due date; usually it is the last business day of the month. Upon payment, the treasurer shall issue a Certificate of Redemption. The certificate includes the legal description of the tract of land redeemed, the date of redemption, and the amount paid.