Delinquent Property Tax Payments

Property taxes officially become delinquent on June 16 each year. For payments postmarked after each deadline date, delinquent interest must be included with your payment. Your payment will be rejected and returned to you pending the payment of delinquent interest.  

Interest must be included with payment. It may be easiest to contact us at 970-870-5555 for the correct amount.

Please note: After September 1st, PERSONAL CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  All payments must be made in certified funds (cash, cashier's check, money order) and are accepted in person at:   

Routt  County Treasurer's Office
 522 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 22 in Steamboat Springs
 (historic downtown courthouse on 5th Street)


Online payments will be unavailable beginning September 1, 2021 through the end of the year.


Click here for a list of Delinquent Taxes due in 2021

Delinquent Interest Chart

Month PaidFeb. 28 Deadline:
Half Tax Option - 1st Half
June 15 Deadline:
Half Tax Option - 2nd Half
April 30 Deadline:
Full Tax Option
June 1-154%n/a2%
June 16-304%1%2%

 **Please call (970) 870-5555 for the proper interest, fees and amount due.  

The tax lien sale takes place in October.