Mental Health Resources

Routt County has numerous resources to support the individual and families impacted by all realms of mental health. Below are a few of major mental health providers in the area. While this is a short list there are also private providers in the county. 

  • Mental Heath Crisis Support

    • Colorado Crisis Services 24/7 Crisis Hotline - Please call (844)493-8255 if in a mental health crisis
    • Mind Spring Health- What to do in a psychiatric emergency - Please call (970)201-4299 for the Assessment and Admissions Team

  • General Mental Health Resources

    • Health Partnership 
      • The Health Partnership provides care coordination to connect individuals with the services they need. Please reach out to a Care Coordinator for support in navigating these services and resources at (970)875-3630 
    • Mind Spring Health
      • Steamboat Springs Mind Springs Health provides outpatient counseling and therapy for a wide range of behavioral health problems. We treat people of all ages and services are offered on an income-based sliding scale.
    • Northwest Colorado Health 
      •  Behavioral Health providers help patients struggling with chronic medical conditions, stress, depression, anxiety, substance use, sleep problems and weight management. We serve all patients, regardless of ability to pay. Behavioral Health support is available at all of our clinic locations. Due to COVID-19 we are now seeing patients through virtual appointments. Patients can speak with our Behavioral Health Providers via secure video chat or phone consultation. To make an appointment, call (970)879-1632 in Routt County