Mobile/Manufactured Home Tax & Procedures


The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Mailing a property tax statement in January of each year.
  • Collecting manufactured home property taxes.
  • Performing delinquency process sale of taxes at Tax Lien Sale.

The Assessor is responsible for:

  • Establishing a valuation on the manufactured home and notifying the owner by May 1st each year if there is a value change from the prior year.
  • Answering questions and correcting problems concerning property valuation.
  • Hearing and reviewing all protests on the assessed valuation during May of each year.

The Manufactured Home Owner is responsible for:

  • Carefully reviewing the Notice of Valuation received from the assessor.
  • Contacting the assessor if the owner does not understand the Notice of Valuation.
  • Notifying the assessor of any mailing address changes. Changes must be submitted in writing to the assessor's office.
  • Contacting Routt County Planning/Building Dept prior to locating manufactured home within unincorporated Weld County, Code: Sec 29-7-10.
  • Applying for a new title with the Routt County Motor Vehicle Department within 45 days of the sale of a new manufactured home or within 30 days of the sale of a previously owned manufactured home.
  • Timely payment of property taxes.

The Manufactured Home Renter is responsible for:

  • Forwarding the property tax notice to the owner if the renter is not responsible for payment.
  • IMMEDIATELY notifying the owner or liable party of ANY foreclosure or distraint action taken by the treasurer.


Manufactured Home Forms