School and Child Care Lead Testing Program

The Routt County Public and Environmental Health Departments are teaming up to offer the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's (CDPHE) lead testing in schools and child care facilities program in the county. This program is voluntary, free-of-cost, and allows eligible schools and child care facilities the opportunity to test their drinking water for lead. This is a proactive approach to reduce potential lead exposure in our youth population throughout the county and raise awareness around risks of lead exposure. 

Routt County is currently in phase 2 of this program which, includes testing drinking water sources in eligible facilities who volunteered to participate. 

Program Goals: 

  • Reduce children's lead exposure
  • Provide funding to those unable to pay for testing 
  • Use the EPA 3Ts model for best practices 
  • Foster sustainable partnerships
  • Enhance community, parent, and teacher trust 

For more information on this program please click here

General Resources:

  • For more information on lead please click here
  • For Colorado lead testing requirements in drinking water please click here
  • For U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) general information on lead please click here

Please feel free to call Public Health at (970) 870-5341 or Environmental Health at (970) 870-5588 for more information.