Frequently Asked Questions - Primary Election Specific

Colorado will run two Primary Elections in 2024. The Presidential Primary Election Day is March 5, 2024. The Primary Election Day is June 25, 2024. The following information addresses scenarios for both of these elections. If you would like information about other election specific dates or acquiring a ballot, please visit our main election page.

Q. Why did I get two ballots?

You are registered as Unaffiliated and get to choose which party’s ballot you want to vote. Most Unaffiliated voters will receive ballots for both major political parties during a primary election. This allows the Unaffiliated voter to choose which party’s primary they will vote in. Unaffiliated voters can only return one party’s voted ballot.

Q. Why do unaffiliated voters get to vote twice?

They DO NOT get to vote twice. Unaffiliated voters get to choose which party's ballot they would like to fill out but may ONLY return ONE voted ballot. If two voted ballots are returned by one person, neither will be counted.

Q. Why didn't I get two ballots? or why did I get THIS (party specific) ballot?

You are affiliated with a specific party and as such, should have only received that party's ballot.

You can check or update your voter registration at

Q. Why can't I choose (vote for) BOTH a Democrat and a Republican? (ex. Dem Governor, Rep Senator, etc.)

During a primary, you can only vote in one party's primary. A registered Democrat will receive and may cast votes on the Democratic ballot, a registered Republican will receive and may cast votes on the Republican ballot, and Unaffiliated voters will receive and may cast a vote on either the Democratic or Republican ballots, but not both. If an Unaffiliated voter returns two voted ballots, neither will be counted. 

Q. Why do Unaffiliated voters get to vote in the primaries?

In 2016, voters approved Proposition 107 and Proposition 108, which reestablished a presidential primary in Colorado and allowed unaffiliated voters to participate in political party primary elections. Read more about this here.