Secure Transportation

Per HB21-1085, Routt County now requires secure transportation services to be licensed by the Routt County Board of Commissioners to provide urgent transportation for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis to a hospital, a mental health treatment facility, approved alcohol and substance abuse treatment center, or walk-in crisis center. Routt County Public Health now offers licensing and permitting of vehicles used in the secure transportation of patients for medical purposes.

 The necessary documents to submit for a secure transportation license is as follows: 

  1. Completed license application
  2. Proof of adherence to all staffing requirements, see details  in 'Secure Vehicle transport and Policy'
  3. Proof of a Quality Mangement Program, as laid out in 'Secure Vehicle Transport and Pollicy'
  4. Certificate of occupancy 
  5. Proof of a minimum level of workers compensation
  6. Copy of Written Policy and Procedures Manual detailing operational protocols, medical protocols (if applicable), training procedures, and other relevant documents; as laid out in 'Secure Vehicle Transport and Policy'
  7. Payment of $70 licensing fee

Permit Requirements

  1. Completed Permit Application
  2. Proof of compliance with Federal Motor Safety Standards
  3. Proof of routine vehicle maintenance
  4. Mechanical Certification (Colorado Public Utilities Commission form acceptable)
  5. Proof of motor vehicle insurance coverage with Routt County identified as certificate holder
  6. Proof of general liability and applicable professional liability as laid out in 'Secure Vehicle Transport and Policy'
  7. Permit fee of $20 per vehicle 

Application Process

  1. Download and complete the necessary documents and application
  2. Schedule an inspection of the vehicle interior to ensure vehicle complaince, as laid out in 'Secure Vehicle Transport and Policy' 
  3. Submit documents for review

Requirements for a license and permit differ slightly, please refer to the, "Secure Transport Policy and Ruling' for additional details. Licenses are valid for three (3) years, and permits are valid for one (1) year.

 Once the application is satisfactorily submitted, an interior inspection of the vehicle will need to be scheduled and completed by the County Licensing Coordinator. Please schedule 48 hours in advance. Below are the necessary documents for the application process. All companies participating in secure vehicle transportation in Routt County are required to adhere to all policies as laid out in 'Secure Vehicle Transport and Policy'. If you have any additional questions, please refer to Secure Transport Policy and Ruling then contact or call 970-870-5341. 

For complaints. Please see the process as laid out in 'Secure Vehicle Transport and Policy'  and the necessary complaint form is below.

Please make checks payable to: Routt County Public Health. Applications are reviewed by the Routt County Commissioners every Tuesday.