Emergency Preparedness

National Preparedness Month is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and other emergencies that could happen at any time. For September 2023, we broke the month into four weeks, with a new theme each week to help you prepare, one step at a time. Take some time to review the following tips to help you and your family prepare for whatever comes next.

Weekly Tips

Week 1: Make a Plan

For Week 1 of National Preparedness Month, we encouraged you to create an emergency plan that will work for your family. Below, you will find links to different templates you can use to help you get started

Week 2: Build an Emergency Kit

Week 2 was a great time to build an emergency kit for your home, car, and workplace. Below, you will find checklists to help you create an emergency kit for different areas of your life. These are guides to help you get started. As you begin to build your emergency kit(s), think about the unique needs you and your family may have. There may be some things you or your family members need to survive that aren't listed on these checklists. Once you build you kit, make sure you maintain it and replace expired items as needed.

Week 3: Low/No Cost Preparedness

Are you interested in preparedness but don't have extra funds available right now? We put together some great tips to help you get started, with little or no costs to you! We encourage you to reach out to different agencies in Routt County that may have resources to help you out, such as the Routt County Wildfire Mitigation Council, our local Colorado State Forest Service office, and your local fire district for assistance with wildfire mitigation and preparation. You should also make sure you are signed up for Routt County Alerts, which is the quickest way we can reach you during an emergency. Visit the links below for even more tips, and if you're looking for some preparedness training, think about joining Routt County CERT, the Community Emergency Response Team!

Week 4: Include the Whole Family

Check out these other great resources if you're looking to get a head start on preparing for disasters and other emergencies! Not sure where to start or have limited time? Do1Thing is a great resources to help you prepare, one step at a time.

General Preparedness Resources

Hazard-Specific Preparedness Resources

These resources can be used to help guide your own personal preparedness.

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