2024 Presidential Primary Election Sample Ballots

There are two ballots for the 2024 Presidential Primary Election.  A Democratic ballot and a Republican ballot. Voters affiliated with one of these parties will receive that party's ballot. Unaffiliated voters will receive both party's ballots and have the option to submit one voted ballot. Voters affiliated with minor parties will not receive a 2024 Presidential Primary Election ballot. Monday, February 12, 2024, is the last day to change party affiliation and be eligible to receive the appropriate ballot/s for this election.

Democratic Sample Ballot

Republican Sample Ballot

Below is a list of the Republican certified write-in candidates who have filed the required paperwork with the Secretary of State. These candidates are not listed on the ballot; however, voters may write the candidate’s name on the ballot in the appropriate space provided in order to cast a vote for that candidate. 

President of the United States

(01) Rachel Hannah "Mohawk" Swift (R)

(02) Walter Iwachiw (R)

This is what you will see on your ballot:

Example Write-in line