Commissary items include goods like candies, snacks, coffee, tea, clothing items, and hygiene items. Inmates might use their funds to purchase these items.  Commissary orders are delivered once per week, usually on Wednesdays. When the order is placed, the inmate's commissary account will be debited for the cost of the purchases.

Commissary fund deposits can be made online at JailATM or in person at the KIOSK in the jail lobby.

There will be a 10% deposit fee per credit card transaction and a 3.5% deposit fee for cash deposits at the lobby KIOSK or online.

The maximum gross amount deposited per 24-hour cycle is $300.00.

You can mail a money order or a cashier check that is bank-guaranteed if you want to avoid the processing fees. We do not accept personal checks.

Please note:

Routt County uses a third-party payment processor that charges the fees.  The exact amount varies with the chosen payment method. Neither the amount of these fees nor any part of them are subject to Routt County's control.