Why are we hearing about this now?
We are talking about it now to give everyone ample time to prepare and adjust to the change. There are also departments who are heavily impacted already. We want everyone to be aware of the increased workload of these departments and remember to be kind and patient during the implementation.

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1. When can I start training?
2. Why are we hearing about this now?
3. Will MUNIS be better than our current system?
4. Will the new system replace Paychex?
5. How will this impact my job?
6. How does this Phase of the project affect me?
7. What should I expect next?
8. Why is the County converting to MUNIS Software?
9. What's required of me?
10. How are we going to find time for training?
11. Can we get overtime or compensation if we need extra training hours?
12. What are the specific time frames for training?